Rebel SoulJahz is a premier Reggae R&B band from Waipahu, Hawaii. Founding members Michael Maglinti, Will Sua and Bubba Hodges along with newest member Tunez Moananu creates sweet soulful harmonies unmatched in todays music scene. With great success off first 2 albums "Nothing to Hide" and "Bring Back the Days" Rebel SoulJahz has cultivated a following worldwide. Their third full length album entitled "SoulJahz for Life" due out early 2014 has stirred up a huge buzz with hit singles "Gotta Know Your Name" and "Play Me Like a Fool" both holding #1 requested spots on all Hawaii radio stations for many consecutive weeks. Maturity and growth in vocals and musicianship definitely stands out on upcoming album. Expect Rebel SoulJahz to be a force in the music scene with tours all over US Mainland, New Zealand, Australia, Guam, South America and Japan in 2014.