Legendary local house DJ Daniel J recently passed away. In the 1980s Daniel J introduced Honolulu to the then-new electronic dance music genre of house music. Not only was he the 1st DJ to spin house music regularly in Hawaii, he was the 1st person in Hawaii to throw a commercial rave, in 1992 at Pinks Garage, the 1st promoter in Hawaii to fly out DJs from the mainland, the 1st DJ to convince a local radio station (KIKI Hot i-94) that a nightclub-style mix show would be commercially viable, presenting a show on the station in 1988. After that, he was resident DJ on of legendary Radio Free Hawaii named by Rolling Stone as one of the best independent radio station in the country in the 90s. He was resident DJ at the seminal Wave Waikiki & Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand nightclubs. He teamed up with G Spot, later on, to help out with the LoveFest rave concert series. Hawaii nightlife owes a huge debt to Daniel J. All of these evenings entertainment have a long history in nightlife with Daniel. All monies raised tonight go directly to the funeral expenses of Daniel J.