Does my child need a ticket?
Children under the age of 3 are free.

What does “all ages accompanied by an adult” mean?
If you are under 18 years old, you are required to have a responsible person, aged 18+, with you to be admitted into the venue.

If I am over 18, but not 21 yet, do I need to have a guardian who is 21+?
No, 18 is considered an adult.

What time does the band start?
The show schedules can vary from show to show, but the typical show schedule is as follows:
– 6pm doors open to The Safehouse Lounge for concert goers who are 21+.
– 7pm doors open to the concert hall side of the venue for all ages accompanied by an adult.
– 8pm the opening band(s) will begin.
Please refer to the show listing on this website for a more accurate schedule of events. While we strive to keep all shows on time, all times are subject to change without notice.

Why did the band go on late when advertisements said “doors open at 7pm”?
The advertised door time is the time that concert goers are allowed to start entering the venue. There are typically opening artists and some times there will be multiple opening artists. After the last opening band finishes their set, there will be a 30 min intermission while the band’s tech crew resets the stage for the headlining act.

Can I bring in my camera?
You may bring in “point and shoot” style camera and also camera phones, but no DSLR camera will be allowed in the venue without an approved photo pass.

Can I get a photo pass?
If you are a member of a media outlet and would like to request a photo pass, please submit a formal, written request to no later than 2 weeks prior to the concert date. Not all photo pass requests will get approved. If approved, you must sign a photo waiver which outlines the rules off shooting within The Republik.

What is included in a Riser ticket?
Risers are typically set up off to the right of the stage against the Diamond Head Wall. Risers are for Bottle Service only and fit up to 8 people comfortably. You must be 21 to purchase a Riser ticket. There will be 1-2 Risers set up per show.

The main benefits of a Riser seat are:
– direct unobstructed line of sight to the stage. Risers are approximately 3 feet off the ground
– a nice comfortable, uncrowded environment
– your own Bottle(s), personal security and server plus plush couch and table

Bottle Service is an additional fee in addition to the General Admission ticket price as well as a 20% auto-gratuity on the sale of the bottle itself.

Is this Safehouse open on non-show days?
Yes The Safehouse, the Lounge within The Republik, is open Tuesday through Saturday from 6PM-2AM. For more information on the The Safehouse go here.

What’s the parking situation?
On non event nights parking is FREE for most Safehouse nights. Show parking is (limited) valet only up the ramp but there is plenty of free street parking in and around Kapi’olani Blvd.

Is The Republik available to outside promoters?
YES! Booking information, along with venue specs, can be found here.

Is The Republik available to host my private event?
YES! The Republik is available to host a wide variety of private functions including (but not limited to) weddings, fundraisers, conferences, grad parties. Booking information, along with venue specs, can be found here.

Do you guys serve food?
YES! We have a great selection of wonderful bar/lounge style food as well as full menu & buffet menus available for private functions. To view The Safehouse menu go here. To view our full catering menu please contact Flash Hansen at

When does your kitchen close?
Our kitchen offers delicious late night offerings until midnight, even on show days.

Do you guys offer bottle service?
Yes. Bottle service is offered at all of our events and at The Safehouse nightly. Bottles start at $300 not including your ticket and reservations can be made thru Rob Ramsey at

If I have bottle service do I need a ticket for a concert?
Yes. All ticketed shows require a ticket for entry.

Where do I purchase tickets for a show?
Ticket links are available on each individual event listing. To view a full line-up of upcoming events go here. Tickets are also available at the following locations:
-The Safehouse (the lounge within The Republik)
– Local Motion Stores
– Navy ITT Offices
– Hickam ITT Offices
– UH Campus Center

Are there drink specials on show nights?
Yes. For each show we host the Bacardi Social Club in The Safehouse, the lounge within The Republik, from 6-7pm featuring $5 drink specials on all Bacardi flavors. You must be 21+ to attend.

I’m over 21, don’t have an ID and I already bought a ticket. Can I still get in?
It depends. If the show is 21+, you will need to show a government certified ID to enter. For all ages shows, if no one else in your party is an adult (at least 18 years of age) you will need to show some sort of ID to prove you are. In this instance, a college ID is fine. Without a government certified ID proving you are at least 21, you will not be able to drink, nor enter The Safehouse early.